Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x

>> Sunday, December 11, 2011

Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x. It's been a long time I realized that I followed the development of DotA games. If it's been a long brap. Apparently there is a rather strange new fever in the ear. today is not by chance see a folder named endowed.

Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x

This map is provided Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x EN (This version fixes some bugs).

(Dota Dota Dota IMBA + Lod = IMBA Legends)by Flick - GMOs mode Flick - Dale BR Disconnect error correction. This map has default LOD feature. At first you choose one-sd-AP, and then the other modes (normal IMBA, IMBA balanced, not IMBA, faith, fn, and so on). That after you choose your skills and hero in Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x.

Free Download DotA Imba Legends v2.3.w3x

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Download Garena Hack Master version 73.01 April 25, 2011

>> Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FREE Download Garena Hack Master version 73.01 April 25, 2011. GarenaM4st3r / opensource Garena Garena Master is a hack that removes all restrictions from the game client garena. It has many features including built-in garena exp hack, Drophack, NameSpoofer, etc. Self-room carpenter. Also, you can use any hack warcraft 3 safely without prohibition, you can use cheat engine too. GarenaMaster hack project was initially launched by m4st3r but there are many people who contributed to its development.

Features Garena Hack Master version 73.01 April 25, 2011:

Warcraft maphack 1.26 * (b / c / d patch too)
* Garena Namespoofer
* Auto Joiner Garena Room
* Removed 5 second mistake by joining a game room
* Shows a figure Pings
* Hack protection removed
* EXP hack (100/15mon gold 50/15min base)
* Leave room while playing.
* Garena Ladder stats in Warcraft 3 Chat.
* Garena Super Admin, Gold, Premium, Platinum Styles
* Warcraft 3 Drophack
* Hide ads in Garena
* Cooldown hack warcraft 1.24d
* Warcraft 3 Mana Bars
* ESP Hack DotA
* Notify Rune
* More features were added to the Automatic Updates
* Drinking Mana DotA.
* Multi Client for more Garena EXP.

Links Garena Download Master:

GarenaMasterv73.01rar (Updated April 25, 2011):

Garena Master dans73.01 Changelogs:

- Change the system to enable / disable mh:
> It is now disabled by default.
> When you turn it on, it will be installed automatically.
> When you disable it, it will automatically be uninstalled.
> Remove Card Hack Install button, simply activate now in the configuration tab.
> It does enable / disable closed with war3.

- Changed 3 fealty which was enabled by default for the disabled because of incompatibility problems some users (I think)
> Instant Game Start off by default.
> Not charging W3 disabled by default.
> ManaBar disabled by default.

-This version will clear your Registry automatically GM.

Step by step guide:
1. Download Garena Hack Master.
2. Unzip the files in any folder.
3. Run GM.exe
5. Select the features you want to run.
7. Run Garena GarenaMaster window.
8. Enjoy!

• Beware of using Garena EXP Hack, so maybe you banned.
• If Garena updates, not using it & wait GarenaM4st3r update.
• Run as administrator if you run it on Windows 7 or Vista.
• Try turning off Auto-Room Joiner feature if you encounter problems.
• You can find Garena changelogs in the Master File.
• Use Garena Master at your own risk, DotA-Utilities will not be responsible if something happens to your Garena account.
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